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Compared to so many other places. Of, the overlap of mental health and what we call mental toughness. Just to very briefly go back to my initial comment about sports psychologist being used less than you would think. My gut instinct as to one of the major contributing factors to why that is, is the confusion between mental health and mental toughness. And a very simple way of separating them is: mental health is the stuff which, depression, anxiety, and stress for example.

Tennis is Mental too

Which anybody could be suffering with. Given, that there are, I think 15 or 16, clinical psychologist in Australia …. Now, mental toughness, we believe is like the technical side and the physical side.

Would apply to all athletes of all levels. So in that example that you just mentioned with Jackson, where, are you concerned. In which case, they go down that path. Or, are they actually mentally fine, but some of the issues that they are struggling with, just due to the fact that no one at the club, the coach, is not particularly skilled when it comes to coaching mental aspects such as confidence and [crosstalk ].

The Most Basic Weapons of Mental Toughness In Tennis

Improve performance, obviously, yes? So typically when people first contact us, they fill in a mental toughness questionnaire. Because you can give answers based on what your dad wants to hear for example.

And they are basically things like concentration, confidence, commitment, creativity, communication. So sometimes the term mental toughness is used like a single concept. But their confidence is way down. And thank you for sparing the time. And I could talk to you for a long time. Over four days in a major championship.

Surely that requires a lot of what mental toughness, focus, what? Anything, any test cricket in golf, are pretty remarkable in that …. During a four hour round of golf, Tim, you only really want to be concentrating for about seven or eight minutes. So the majority of the time, during a four hour round of golf, and this applies to test cricket as well, is not spent playing cricket or golf.

Think about it, you hit a tee shot and you then have a …. Now walking …. Walking, even if you duff it, you probably still have to walk for about 45 seconds. So, the huge mistake made my most of those start-stop athletes that we call them. Any sport which involves attempt, stop, attempt, stop, attempt.

Most of us, will peak at about 45 minutes. Because they know this kind of thing. And therefore, if your sport is something that goes for longer than an hour.

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And involves start, stop, start, stop, one of the simplest, easiest to implement mental strategies is the use of routines, pre-shot routines. And you are intentionally switching off about five to ten seconds after each attempt.

The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance

That virtually guarantees that you are resting your mind for a lot longer between the shots than you are using your mind just prior to each shot. And therefore, concentration levels could potentially be maximised day after day after day. Is he? So my feeling is that there was either, a little bit of gamesmanship going on with Tiger, whereby he was able to mentally switch off but have everyone else think he was not switching off.

So that of course they would copy him and mentally burn out on the 12th hole. Which is what most people do. Because by doing that and being overtly relaxed between shots, those actions, as a general rule, actions lead the mind. We spend a lot of time helping people change their actions. Which leads to, generally, more useful thought. And I look forward to speaking to you further whenever you guys want to have a chat about the mental side.

Thanks Gareth, thanks very much. Sports psychologist Gareth J. Mole looks at some of the reasons why many athletes can easily perform in training but struggle on competition day. There are literally hundreds of reasons why people contact us — as psychologists who specialise in mental aspects of sport and performance. This is certainly the case here. Quite simply most of those who are better at executing their skills in practice are better as they are doing so in a false environment.

O ne where more often than not there are little or no consequences involved. Take the same golfers and plonk them onto the first tee with three other golfers watching and see how suddenly smashing this particular ball into the distance makes them tighten up and duck hook it straight out of bounds. Back Find a Therapist.

What is the pleasure in tennis?

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Tennis | Competitive Advantage: Mental Toughness

Back Today. How We Affect Each Other. Raj Persaud, M. If a key element of tennis is the 'Mind Game,' then what can winners teach us? Self-control is emerging as the key to success in a variety of competitive predicaments. This article was so true, keep up the great work and thanks for the post guys!! Post Comment Your name. E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Notify me when new comments are posted.

All comments. Replies to my comment. You'll likely uncover a weakness in a seemingly invincible opponent. Variety makes the game more creative and interesting too. Look alert, energetic, confident , and happy. Looking so will actually help you be so to a significant extent, and it will keep you from giving encouragement to your opponent.

If your opponent is at all prone to choking, your look of ready confidence on the verge of seeming defeat might keep just enough doubt in her mind to make her cave under the pressure of closing out the match. Updated March 22, Here are five simple techniques you can try right away.

Overcoming Mental Game Challenges

While your opponent is preparing, try to focus on something non-distracting, like your strings. Strings get readjusted a lot more than needed because of this little trick. As she tosses the ball, try to watch it come out of her hand and say to yourself a long, drawn-out, "baaalll. Continue Reading.