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I did it as a short course so that I could teach second level students about it and bring students into the library at Trinity College Dublin to view the manuscript. Images are available for single-use academic application only.

Publication, transmission or display is prohibited without formal written approval of Trinity College Library, Dublin. How on earth can they claim copyright if all they did was digitise it?

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Lia says:. Summer has officially arrived in Ireland and while students are giving out about the long hours cloistered in dark stuffy rooms, studying for and writing exams, pity the poor scribes of yore who spent hours, months and even years engaged in the practice of writing and illustrating the famous Book of Kells and similar medieval manuscripts.

What student would not sympathize with the beleaguered monk who wrote the following at the end of a session: "Now I've written the whole thing: for Christ's sake give me a drink. Every day, two pages are on display to the public for a fee book your visit online or be prepared for a considerable wait. This exhibit is also available for viewing online here.

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The scriptorium was an essential part of many medieval monasteries particularly insular monasteries, such as those at Iona in Scotland and at Kells in County Meath, where it is conjectured the Book of Kells was painstakingly wrought. It may be easy for us, looking at these beautiful illuminated manuscripts, to romanticize the lives of the monks who wrote or illuminated them, but, in fact, the work was so harsh that it was considered at the time to be manual labour on the same level as agricultural fieldwork or building construction.

The work was so fine and detailed that many scribes went blind from the poor light and long hours of copying required. Much of what we know about the daily lives of these spiritual calligraphers and illuminators can be found, not in the texts themselves. In words and pictures these medieval whingers expressed their true feelings about the life of a medieval scribe. It crooks your back, it dims your sight, it twists your stomach and your sides.

Patrick of Armagh, deliver me from writing. In other cases, bizarre, grotesque and often childish doodles populate the margins, including a bagpipe playing monkey, disembodied genitalia, strange hybrid animals, naked monks and nuns. Read more: Trinity reveal eight rare and fascinating ancient manuscripts online. This article was submitted to the IrishCentral contributors network by a member of the global Irish community.

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