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Also knowing Lance? I doubt he would never tease the other paladins by speaking in Spanish or try to use it to flirt, or randomly start singing in it. I just rediscovered I have the PDF of Dirty Laundry in my computer and now my new Christmas Tradition is readying it and try not to cry… and, obviously, fail at it miserably. Do you know wear my comb went? I am Latina, and a second generation immigrant my father was born in Peru, and my mother was born in Colombia , and I am not fluent in Spanish.

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In the past I have been spoken to disdainfully for not knowing the language, specifically by friends of mine who are fluent in the language. Although I know it was not their intention, it hurts. So, whenever I see someone real or fictional.


So I kinda like the idea of leaving it up in the air and up for interpretation, as it allows me to relate to him a bit more in that sense. I just think it is better leaving his fluency in the language or lack there of up in the air.

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Idk, this might just be me. I just wanted to share my opinion. I never did tons of fat jokes. I do get cold a lot now. I used to have a lot of layers -- now I got to get a fur coat. US Edition U.

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