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Deleuze revived academic interest in the seventeenth-century political thought of Baruch Spinoza, which bears rudimentary hints of the idea of democracy as a kind of never-ending deliberation—long before anything like modern democracy could be observed anywhere in Europe.

Overthinking Obama

There are plenty of excuses, and no president executes well on everything, but by no definition can these be considered successes. The deeper flaw here is the single-minded focus on Obama himself to the exclusion of the context, institutions, and other forces that shape the presidency.

The focus on democratic process, reform, and an ideal of deliberative democracy has been shared by many of the less successful Democratic candidates and a few Republicans, like Representative John Anderson in since the s. Economic issues, once a natural zone of compromise, began to seem more like social issues, matters of irreconcilable absolutes.

Decolonizing Obama | Issue 27 | n+1

It's about some phony ideal. Some phony theology. Oh, not a theology based on the Bible.

The Speech that Made Obama President

A different theology. Rather, the Kenya paranoia has been showing up in the politest society, among journalists and even high-ranking diplomats. As Bobo points out, much post-racial rhetoric proclaims the irrelevance of the traditional black-white divide in an age when Americans are embracing hybridity and mixed ethnoracial identities This discourse has fueled paranoia and inspired the formation of various anti-immigrant and white supremacist groups.

Since the installation of Barack Obama, right-wing extremists have murdered six law enforcement officers.

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One man from Brockton, Mass. Most recently, a rash of individuals with antigovernment, survivalist or racist views have been arrested in a series of bomb cases. A racial subtext often frames speeches at Tea Party events. It works to subvert economic and social alliances that could pose a challenge to the status quo. It was common, for example, for servants and slaves to run away together, steal hogs together, get drunk together…. He rarely addressed racial inequality, and with the exception of a major speech devoted to the issue of race, focused scant attention on issues of concern to African American constituents in particular.

Despite unemployment rates among African Americans almost double that of whites and an increasing wealth divide between whites and blacks during the recession, Obama has also been muted in his responses to these troublesome trends as President. This post-race political discourse bolsters calls for the elimination of race-based affirmative action programs in the US, programs that have served the interests of working class and minority populations as well as white women.

CEO recently targeted a number of universities that consider diversity one factor among others in their admissions process. The fact that blacks made up only 2. The prospect of forming coalitions that can reach across party lines and forge effective compromises seems bleak in the current political landscape:. Today, partisan division and racial alliance divisions are almost coextensive: the Republicans regularly endorse color-blind policies, while Democrats support race-conscious ones.

As a result, tangible domestic policy changes implemented as a result of the Civil Rights Movement could be repealed as a result. In the end, much will depend on the extent to which Americans allow racism to masquerade as progress. Blackwell, Ken and Klukowski,Ken. Guilford, Connecticut: Lyons Press.

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Bobo, Lawrence. Costa, Robert. September 11, Derrida, Jacques. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, Catholics and white mainline Protestants are all less supportive of churches and other houses of worship speaking out on political issues. While most religious groups are less supportive of churches expressing their views on issues, there continue to be substantial differences on this measure. Republicans continue to be more supportive of churches and other houses of worship expressing their views compared with independents and Democrats.

The survey also finds that Americans continue to overwhelmingly oppose churches and houses of worship endorsing specific candidates for public office. These opinions have changed little in recent years.

Growing Number of Americans Say Obama is a Muslim

More than half of every major religious group opposes such endorsements. Majorities across all major religious groups — with the exception of the religiously unaffiliated — agree it is important for members of Congress to have strong religious beliefs. The public continues to be divided about the level of religious expression among political leaders.

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  • The religiously unaffiliated continue to say there has been too much — rather than too little — expression of religious faith by political leaders. The percentages saying each party is friendly to religion have declined over the past two years. Support for the conservative Christian movement is highest among conservative Republicans and white evangelical Protestants.

    Yet across all religious and political groups — regardless of their view of the movement — large percentages either have not heard of the conservative Christian movement or express no opinion of it. Opinions about the midterm have changed little since the start of the year; in four previous surveys this year, voters also were evenly divided. That is little changed from this point in the previous midterm campaign in Opinions are more evenly divided among white non-Hispanic Catholics and white mainline Protestants, but the GOP is running better among both groups than it did four years ago.

    Black Protestants favor the Democrats by a wide margin. As the Pew Research Center noted in its Aug. Analysis of aggregated Pew Research Center surveys from , and reveals that Republicans have made gains in the proportion who identify with the GOP or lean to the Republican Party.

    Results for this survey are based on telephone interviews conducted under the direction of Princeton Survey Research Associates International among a national sample of 3, adults living in the continental United States, 18 years of age or older, from July Aug. Both the landline and cell phone samples were provided by Survey Sampling International. Interviews were conducted in English and Spanish. The sample is also weighted to match current patterns of telephone status and relative usage of landline and cell phones for those with both , based on extrapolations from the National Health Interview Survey.

    The weighting procedure also accounts for the fact that respondents with both landline and cell phones have a greater probability of being included in the combined sample and adjusts for household size within the landline sample. Sampling errors and statistical tests of significance take into account the effect of weighting. In addition to sampling error, one should bear in mind that question wording and practical difficulties in conducting surveys can introduce error or bias into the findings of opinion polls.