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Media, Information & Surveillance | Department of Sociology

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New Surveillance: Social Media is a Superpanopticon

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Social media under surveillance

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He digs into the pervasive and unprecedented collection, sale, and purchase of our personal information in the era of internet dominance. In the United States, we do value privacy.

The FBI plans more social media surveillance

But technology, especially over the last 20 years, has grown more sophisticated and less comprehensible for the average user. Lamoureux, a communications professor at Bradley University who has also written about intellectual property and rhetoric, approaches the issues as a dissenter who believes privacy is dead, and as a voice to raise consciousness that American-style democracy itself might be at risk.

To answer the question, Lamoureux documents first the harm and dangers of too few protections for individual privacy. Economic losses from hacking, mismanagement of private information that can damage due process and other constitutional guarantees, and uneven financial gain in favor of industries, all contribute to loss of trust.

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  4. The need for individual reputation management, fluidity of identity and the potential for mis-interpretation, rumour and innuendo to damage reputation through perhaps an ambiguous image or even mistaken identity is another thoughtful inclusion in the work. We live in a time when many are rarely without their mobile connection and our fleeting thoughts and actions are fixed and available for public viewing.

    Daniel Trottier has produced a wide-ranging book with thought-proving discussion and examples that would serve well as both an introduction to this area and to add to a media studies library on the topic of social media and everyday life.

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