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Kindle Edition , pages. More Details Edition Language. Dominic Powers 1. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Her Dom , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

Jul 04, A. I've had the privilege of reading this marvelous book as a Beta reader. Justice tortured me one chapter at a time. Even with knowing the main plot and the details of the storyline, I was still captivated at every turn. My Dom, I mean Her Dom was a super steamy, suspenseful, hot as hell, could not put down, read. I need book two ASAP. A must, must, must read. I absolutely loved it. More please! View all 3 comments. I absolutely did not gel with Dom Dominic Powers at all! Then everytime he spoke to her it was My Angel - this also did my head in.

The content for this book has not been researched properly at all, I can see lovely, fluffy, cloud loving, romanticising utter gooey eyed loved up bunnies loving this and even historical lovers. I could so imagine Dom Dominic wearing lacy frilly shirts with bulbous cuffs and intricate embroidered waistcoasts and a skirt Well he did come across completely and utterly of a woman's mind and mannerisms.

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He had no male in him whatsoever, his inner Dom was gay as far as I am concerned and I bloody hated every time he had a thought process - so that was pretty much all of the words I read! He procastinated more than any women I know! Oh my he needed to grow a pair of balls and have an air of arrogance, not rude or agressive, just an air of dominance and control that this bloke wouldn't know if it smacked him in the face! Also if I read one more friggin sex scene about a bloody cupcake I was going to puke! I actually was waiting for a scene for him to say can I put my flake in your frosting!

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See what I mean, he's a Dom and he constantly references sex to bloody cupcakes and tasting her frosting yes it really does that say How friggin sexy is that - NOT! Ooooh one more thing, Sophia is a woman made in heaven to the perfect specs, actually as was Dom - people like this just do not exist! She's 23 and cleverer than anybody else, can take over discussions as though she owns them and then is a quivering wreck in the bedroom I don't think so! Anyway, if you like your Dom completely soft and mushy and not dominant at all and talks rather colourfully gentile then you'll love this, if you want your Dom to be masterful, dominating and his air of arrogance then you might want to avoid this.

Sadly this book just wasn't for me at all!

No offence meant towards the author at all, but this book really got on my last nerve and absolutely ticked no boxes of satisfaction anywhere - sorry! So I didn't like this book, I am allowed to not like a book and say so, but let me add, the author writes well enough, goes over same ground a few times with different words so does contain waffle but for the most part I just didn't like the characters in this book at all, neither of them unfortunately. But for the most part the writing skills of Angel Justice were good, it's in this instance how her characters were created and their personalities I didn't get along with at all.

Cupcake sex is so not my thing now nor ever will it be. Sadly my review has extremely upset the author immensely, so much so that she has done a video review really blasting bloggers and bad reviews and she even uses my name in said video. View all 14 comments. Mar 31, Michelle Dodd rated it liked it. I'll be honest, this type of book is not really my thing but I have heard good things about this series I've also loved her previous books, so I went into it with an open mind.

I was pleasantly surprised I loved this book. I Wasn't expecting it to end the way it did poor Dom can't wait to start the next book. I'll be honest, this type of book is not really my thing, but I've loved her previous books, so I went into it with an open mind. I loved this book.

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I loved that while the sex was hot, the book focused quite a book on the people and their relationship instead of just the sex. Both Dominic and Sophia are well developed characters. Dominic is used to life a certain way and Sophia doesn't fit into the "box" he's carved out f I was lucky enough to get to read AD Justice's book, Her Dom. Dominic is used to life a certain way and Sophia doesn't fit into the "box" he's carved out for his life, but their chemistry is undeniable and explosive.

He's an alpha male with a heart of gold. Sophia has secrets she's trying to hide. Together, they take you on a WILD and thrilling ride. Definite page turner and highly recommend! I'd also like a cupcake! Oh Dom!! That's what you will be yelling after you read this book! The storyline is so intriguing. It is honestly so different from any book I've read.

I loved the connection between Dom and Sophia. It is instant and explosive. There is a lot of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire book. There are a lot of secrets and past situations that cause a lot of conflict between Dom and Sophia. The love scenes are amazing and will leave you begging for more. I love A Oh Dom!! I love A. Justice books! The way she develops these two characters is amazing.

Can't wait for more from Dom and Sophia! The instant connection between Dominic and Sophia is felt through the pages and their scenes together are passionate and very sexy. He is very sweet with her and treats her like a queen, but she has a hard time accepting this. There is much intrigue and secrets surrounding Sophia, and her past just seems like a bomb ready to explode at any moment. She never The instant connection between Dominic and Sophia is felt through the pages and their scenes together are passionate and very sexy.

She never wants to talk about her family and you just know that something bad involving them is lurking in the shadows. When the shoe does drop, you are left with your mouth hanging open, unable to believe what just happened. The main one is Sophia being 23 and yet having so much business experience. Later in the book we learn more about her past, and the beginning of the story seems to have been completely forgotten. I won't mention other elements, as they could be spoilerish.

Maybe the truth will become clearer in "I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. Maybe the truth will become clearer in book 2 - but currently it rankles. I liked Tucker and Shadow; they brought a lot to the story, because they interacted with the main characters, but no one else is brought to life.

The whole story is told from his point of view, which means that we know very little of how she is thinking Jul 05, D. I was lucky enough to be a beta reader and have just finished Her Dom. This book was amazingly brilliant, A. D had me sucked in from the beginning and with every twist and turn it kept me on the edge of my seat.

As usual I could not pick where the story was going but I loved how the story played out and I absolutely cannot wait for book 2 in the series. This book sucked me in. Spit me out and let me hanging. Freakin' hanging. Dominic is a powerful software tycoon in Dallas. He is looking for a new assistant A right hand person.

To make decisions for him when he can't be there. Wouldn't you move up to this position? But I digress. He starts the interview process and meets Sophia. He puts her through a tough interview. You're a good man. Anything else is just icing on the cake. Sophia is a young sweet 4 Cupcake Stars Pissed off. Sophia is a young sweet girl who has all the right answers and all the right credentials. Plus, she's a hottie who blushes. Just what Dominic is looking for I know there is a great deal I can learn under your guidance. Dominic and Sophia of course take their relationship to the next level.

And the next. Dom has secrets he doesn't want to share with her. He doesn't think she trusts him enough yet to hear about all of his past. I'm not sure she can handle it. I'm not sure I can resist it. Sophia has a past too. Can they make this work? Can they build a real relationship? Trust each other enough? There are some sexy scenes starring Dominic. You can see the mental and emotional relationship build. There are ruined dinners at the Four Seasons, skinny dipping, straight talking parents, wrecks, fires and a couple of security guys I want to hear more about. I have a Tucker Crush.

This was a 3. You might notice the 4 stars at the top. The last 4 pages or so jumped it up to a 4. I was not totally invested in the characters until the end.

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Now I can't wait for the next book. Total cliffhanger. Insert me screaming here. Maybe it will be revealed in the next book why. There were a few other things but over all I liked the book. I liked Dominic and I loved his family, his parents were amazing. I loved Tucker; hope he gets his own book and Shadow too. I will say when the book finally got really flipping good it ended in a cliffhanger and I was pretty ticked! I can only hope the next book is out soon and we get some answers!

I love Dominic and want to see what happens! Characters: I loved the secondary characters and hope they get their own books in the future. Sex: oh yeah and you will never look at cupcakes the same again. View 1 comment. He is looking for a personal assistant to relieve some of his increasing work load. He meet Sophia Vasco and from that initial meeting his world changes He is attract to her at first but keeps it just business but one business trip their relationship quickly changes. Sophia appears to be innocent and inexperience which seems to attract him further since that is not his usual type.

Meantime Sophie has gotten out of an abusive Dom relationship as she fears certain activities that cause pain. Slowly Domenic earns her trust as he makes things enjoyable along with the pain. Suddenly accidents are starting to happen to Domenic putting his life is danger.

His security staff finds that Sophia has her own secrets as well. Who is she really a spy for his dead ex brother and is he the abusive Dom she was involved in? Really good cliffhanger!! This book was gifted in exchange for an honest review. Dominic is interviewing for a personal assistant.

Fed up with the applicants thus far, he is pleasantly surprised with his last interview of the day. Sophia is perfect for the position. She is also showing signs of being the perfect sub to Dominic's dominate side!! After working closely the last few weeks Dominic and Sophia are taking their first business trip together. On this trip the sexual attraction can not be de Really good cliffhanger!! On this trip the sexual attraction can not be denied. They decide to further their personal relationship.

Things seem to be growing in their personal lives when it becomes obvious that someone is out for Dominic. He is run off the road and his home is set on FIRE! You'll never guess who is behind it!! Well written story of love and trust. Very eager to read the next book in this series to see what obstacles Dominic and Sophia have to overcome. He has been on a hiatus from having a sub for 18 months.

He has his reasons and isn't looking for a new one. Sophia walks into his life and changes everything. She is a natural sub, who was trained by a cruel man. Although she is there for the position as his assistant, she ends up becoming so much more. She makes Dominic want to be Her Dom. Makes that side of him that he's tried to keep hidden for so long come out. The book was quite good t 4 Stars Dominic is a successful, powerful business man.

The book was quite good to me. I liked Sophia's character as she adjusts and grows with her relationship with Dominic. It was still a well written book and I can't wait for the next installment of the story to see where it goes! This authors writing just keeps getting better and better!! But what the h3!! This book has it all HOT sex scenes, love, betrayal, rich guy, did I mention the sex scenes??

I hope I don't have to wait too long for Her Doms Lesson I'll go crazy!! I'm wasn't prepared for this book when I started it!! I absolutely positively loved it!!!! Dom is omg dreamy! I wasn't prepared for the twist! I never saw it coming!! Amazeballs for sure!! I can't wait to read more!!! Hot hot hot!!! This was not at all what I expected. So many unexpected twists and turns and as always she left me wanting more!! Loved that she included employees from the Steele Security team. Highly recommended this book to everyone!!! Her Dom is book one in A. This is the first novel I've read by A.

Completely and utterly.. This Her Dom is book one in A. I love way this book has been written it flows so well and makes it a pleasure to read. The characters drew me in immediately and the base level connection you could see between Dominic and Sophia instantly draws your attention as a reader and makes you wonder how their relationship is going to progress throughout the story. I found that A. Justice is brilliant at creating tension within a scene I constantly found myself chomping at the bit to get to the next part to find out what is going on.

The sexual tension she creates is amazing it had me feeling like I needed a cold shower just waiting for their chemistry to just explode into something amazing and that it did, I loved it. Sophia definitely brings it out in him and he finds himself fighting for control more than he usually would need to. She doesn't appear to be that way with anyone else just him and ever since their first meeting everything she does and says feels like it has a double meaning.

Its great to read how she seems to naturally submit to him without even the sexual aspect of the lifestyle being obvious. The chemistry between Dominic and Sophia comes to a head fairly early on in the book and shockingly she is the one that makes the first move. From the beginning you can tell that both of these souls are broken that they both have demons they need to overcome and throughout the novel you see them help each other with said demons.

Dominic Powers is in this mid-twenties, yet he is already a powerful, well established business man. He is looking for a new high-skilled personal assistant whom he can fully trust, who is able to act as his right hand, including making decisions HER DOM by A. He is looking for a new high-skilled personal assistant whom he can fully trust, who is able to act as his right hand, including making decisions when he is not available.

Sophia answers every tough question he throws at her to his complete satisfaction, so that he hires her on the spot. Both overrun by their not expected attraction to one another, they soon begin to act on it and take their business relationship to a much more personal level.

She is sweet and innocent and Dominic wants nothing more than to be her Dom. To his surprise, this lifestyle is not new to her. With both of them having secrets of their own they are not yet willing to share with one another — can they build a real relationship, build enough trust in one another to make it work? This book is super-hot and steamy! Dom is an alpha wholeheartedly and his attraction to Sophia literally radiates off the pages. She never wants to talk about her family and you constantly feel there is something dark lurking in the shadows, waiting to be dropped like a bomb.

I instantly liked Dominic and his family — even his bodyguards Tucker and Shadow, two big hunky guys who cannot contain their chuckles sometimes — just imagining this pictures makes me grin. Who seemed a bit off for me was Sophia: How can she be insecure and shy to no extend in private on the one and so experienced, self confident and feisty in business on the other hand?

Also, there was one situation where she was absolutely passive when there really should have been a reaction of any kind from her side. Book 2 cannot come soon enough! He was confident, sexy, kind and an all around gentleman. He was a great guy from the get go and was instantly smitten when he met Sophia for her job interview. Sop "I am her Dom. Sophia was knowledgeable, experienced and well equipped to take on the task of being Dominic's right hand 'man'. Her assertiveness in her work in now way interfered with the natural submissiveness that she emitted from her entire being Despite his attraction, he was determined to keep it professional.

Sophia was just as drawn to Dominic and instantly felt his Dominance. From the get-go, Dominic was up front and straight forward. After realizing there was no way he could resist any longer, he immediately laid it all out on the table for Sophia. Someone is after Dominic and they have to find out who and why. But Dominic doesn't let that interfere with his time with Sophia. The chemistry between Sophia and Dom was electric.

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