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Putting the entire project onto effectively one machine means everyone always works with the same setup. If the needs of the project change, for example, to a new system or framework, only one development environment needs to change, and those changes automatically pass on to each member of the team. In theory, there would be no difference between working at home on your usual development machine, on a borrowed computer, or even on a smartphone—if you can bear coding with your thumbs!

It will feature all of the same features as VS Code such as code completion, linting, and collaboration in the browser. Furthermore, all project details, along with user preferences and themes, will sync between browser and local code editor instances. Microsoft also announced IntelliCode integration, leveraging machine learning to give better code suggestion and completion based on your habits.

While unconfirmed, it is highly likely that IntelliCode will be scalable to whole teams, allowing for dynamic tools based on the architecture of a project.

What’s new in Visual Studio Code 1.38

One obvious drawback for the single development machine approach is individual customization. If you are used to a specific workflow, layout, or custom keyboard shortcuts, it can be hard to adjust. Per-user themes will allow individual setups. While there will undoubtedly be some differences between using an off-line editor, the user experience should be similar to your home environment.

It is a companion app that allows users to code directly in the browser. The assumed workflow involves linking your local setup to the new online service. If you already use your home machine for development, you might wonder why you would bother with Visual Studio Online.

Visual Studio workloads

It may not be for everyone. Lone developers or anyone working with microcontrollers or other hardware might not benefit from a cloud-based development environment. Moreover, if you are already familiar with a different code editor and comfortable with using virtual environments for programming Learn How to Use the Python Virtual Environment Learn How to Use the Python Virtual Environment Whether you are an experienced Python developer, or you are just getting started, learning how to setup a virtual environment is essential for any Python project.

Read More , then making the switch might seem pointless. The real benefit from Visual Studio Online will be for beginner developers. No more need to navigate the minefield of package management.

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Even more important is that Visual Studio Online opens development to anyone. It no longer matters if you use a Chromebook, a smartphone, or an old PC you found in a dumpster—you get access to the same tools. As the time of writing, VS Online is not available to the public. There is a private preview, and you can apply to Microsoft to access it. That said, if you want to experience something likely very similar, there are already online versions of VS Code available.

Since it is open source software, there is nothing to stop you building a version for your own server.

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Visual Studio Online will take online development to a new level. To get a taste of collaborative coding, you should familiarize yourself with Visual Studio Live Share. Start developing anywhere with these browser IDEs. Read More already out there? Your email address will not be published.

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Tour what’s new for XAML tools & Xaml Islands in Visual Studio 2019

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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

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