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Flag heather on February 23, PJ10 What is that synthesizer called. The one that creates a loop based on personal information. Flag Nookoh on November 29, PJ10 I don't know.

Teenage Wasteland: Portraits of Japanese Youth in Revolt, 1964

The UK as a nation were not even involved in Vietnam militarily or in any regard. It was a much larger consciousness in the US obviously. First verse seems to be sarcasm by young working people towards their more rebellious counterparts who have to 'fight' to prove themselves , who are wrong and then have be 'forgiven' 2nd verse sounds like the exodus of youth to Brighton 'getting together before they get much older'.

Put out the fire may just mean moving on after stopping and camping Teenage wasteland seems to be about all the energy wasted by youth revolt at the time. Sounds like a jab at the hippies and anti establishment Flag jgm on November 08, General Comment i hate how so many people call this song just 'teenage wasteland' well i suppose not HATE, but it sure does irritate me. Same here.

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Flag 5jh on May 19, The song should have been called "Teenage Wasteland" obviously. Calling it by a name that has no obvious link to the lyrics is just asking for confusion. Considering the number of songs we hear in a lifetime, we shouldn't have to expend so much energy to learn the name of a song just because of the song writer's whimsy. It's a trick name!

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  6. Teenage Wasteland: Moral Panic and Adolescent Sexuality in the Age of Steubenville.
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  8. Flag Saty13 on January 22, General Comment pete said "this whole notion of teenage wasteland, it's not about getting wasted, it's about waste No Replies Log in to reply. General Comment The Who's Next was originally going to be part of a huge extravanganza project with involving film, technology, and live rock n roll. The complexity of it all caused the project to just implode upon itself from the beginning so the best songs were brought together for The Who's Next. The song Baba O'Riley is about the dystopian world that the characters of Lifehouse would've been set in. Baba O'Riley was merely a prelude to the story of Lifehouse.

    The Drug Years: pt 3 Teenage Wasteland

    General Comment I always kinda looked on this song as my life. I live on a farm town and i work my ass off at our farm with hay, laying corn down, maintaining all kinds of animals and working so much, then I go to school and always see all these preppy chicks, jocks and "punks" always not doing shit in there lifes except go to parties get wasted and fuck. Its only a teenage waasteland. Staticburn89 where are you from?

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    7. Flag habaddon on December 14, General Comment It's basically a song written to Pete Townsend's Indian mystic teacher, telling him not to worry about the state of youth in the world, that it'll all be okay. This is bar-none my favorite song ever on my favorite album ever I learned how to use a stereo so I could listen to this song. Eggplant and Baba O'Riley are linked! A completely random thought can have meaning, inserted into it by someone who doesn't have much of a clue about its true meaning!

      Nah, actually, I agree with TaoAvatar20 from the beginning. That sounds like a reasonable meaning. I also agree with vipergt - who said this song is about having a pet armadillo. All armadillos should get wasted once in a while. They should also have spiritual gurus and eat lots of eggplant and evict themselves from South Vietnam to the North Pole and use synthesizers named O'Riley on their gurus to turn them into eggplants. General Comment Taken from thewho.

      In the vehicle is Ray, Sally and their kids apparently, they're from Scotland, where the air is still clean , on their way to try and secure, possibly via black-market, a chart-reading for a new, personalized Grid program. There appears to be a shortage of novel Grid programs being provided by the government. It is the crash episode of the routine that has become synonymous with the Red Frogs chaplaincy network.

      The network provides a neatly operated, judgment-free helping hand for revellers who have had too much to drink. Now, 16 years after the skateboarding club at his church headed to schoolies, pastor and Red Frogs founder Andy Gourley oversees a web of workers in 19 locations, looking after 75, schoolies every year. The young volunteers, from churches across Australia, head to the Gold Coast to lend support, helping hotels and police by calming behaviour, educating girls against walking home alone and distracting youngsters from drinking.

      By Tuesday of the second week, the team had clocked up walk-homes - meeting teenagers in town and escorting them to their residences as a safety precaution - 12, calls on its hotline and a whopping calls for "random acts of pancakes".

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      By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. Partying 17 and year-olds can summon a team of "froggers" any time, day or night, on a smartphone app. After a name, phone number and the number of hungry mouths is given, a duo, armed with pancake mixes and frying pans, arrives within minutes to line stomachs. Another tactic is the humble lolly. The team hands out 7. The volunteers' philosophy is simple - Red Frogs is not anti-drinking, it is anti-hospital.

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      From the youths they have talked out of suicidal thoughts to those they have prevented from choking on their own vomit, the helpers have become de facto parents to the school leavers. The teenagers know they are in good hands, treating Red Frogs volunteers like winners of The X Factor , giving high-fives, offering to buy them coffees and thanking them for their kindness. But their efforts also present the danger of mollycoddling, giving tech-savvy young adults a free cook-up and distancing them from taking responsibility for their actions.

      Mr Gourley argues that educating and helping others creates habit-forming behaviour for the better.


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