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2014 Harris County shooting

His murder was never solved. But now, a recent string of attacks and arrests leads her to believe that someone in McAllen is profiting from sneaking undocumented immigrants into the country After a whirlwind romance, Taryn Young is preparing to board a plane at Houston International Airport, bound for a dream honeymoon, when a bomb decimates the terminal. Injured but still alive, she awakens to discover her husband is missing, and they're both considered prime suspects in the attack.

Further, the FBI is convinced her husband isn't who he appears to be. Agent Grayson Hall's number-one priority is to catch those responsible for the day's act of terror. After a brush with death due to equipment failure, smokejumper Alexia Allen is ordered to take time off while the incident is under investigation.

She makes a last-minute decision to recuperate at her mother's home and attend her high school reunion. Yet trouble seems to be following her, and within hours of arriving home she is confronted with murder, arson, and a handsome detective. But the conflicts ahead are nothing compared to the ghosts of her past. Detective Nate Quinn has just been cleared for active duty after a bombing killed 18 people, including his partner, and left him dealing with PTSD. His first case back on the job involves the murder of Stephen Shaw, and his only lead turns out to be an old friend, Grace Callahan - and her life is in grave danger.

Someone believes Shaw gave his psychologist information before he died.

Information for which they are willing to kill. Mercy Brennan followed in her father's footsteps in a law enforcement career, but she has no interest in any other connection to him. A US Marshal in St. Louis, Missouri, she's assigned to a joint task force with the St. Louis PD that puts her back into contact with her father and in the sights of St. Louis's most powerful gang. When the gang has reason to believe Mercy has possession of some highly sensitive and incriminating information, her boss assigns Mark St. Harper Taylor is used to being alone. Her mother passed away in a car accident when she was an infant, she never knew who her father was, and now, even the widowed grandmother who raised her is gone.

The last thing she expects is for the DNA test she took to reveal a likely half-sister. And when she and Annabelle meet, there are striking similarities in their stories. Kariss meets Dr. Amy Garrett, a woman who survived a brutal childhood attack in which the assailant was never found. Now Dr. Garrett wants her story written in a novel.

Kariss wishes she could seek the advice of Special Agent Tigo Harris, but she broke off the relationship a few months prior and seeing him again would be too painful. Tigo misses Kariss and wants her back, but he understands why she broke off their relationship. Instead, he concentrates on solving a car bombing and bringing the killer to justice. I really enjoyed having 2 of the characters return from the last book.

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This was a really complex story that intertwined with lots of different and new characters. Without being a spoiler I was glad to see Santiago Harris finally surrender and have a relationship with the lord. Caress and he finally found their way to a relationship. But the true criminal was a surprise. It was up to the last few chapters that I began to suspect who it might be. The narration was terrific. Love this christian author!

It was hard for me to enjoy this story, because the narrator sounded like she might have been reading the weather. With so little inflection in her voice, it was often hard to follow the dialogue. Would you consider the audio edition of The Survivor to be better than the print version? Jackie Schlicher seemed to have too much of a monotone.

Angel Maturino Resendiz: The "Railroad Killer"

She was reading words, not telling the story. Failed at bringing the story to life. Who was your favorite character and why? I would have had her put more emotion in her performance and less just reading the sentences. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?

Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center

The shooting scene was well written. Any additional comments? This is a great book.

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Hey Sissy, What a great idea to do this. I see why she inspires you and you both like mystery. Love you Tks DiAnn for mentoring my talented sister. Hi Darlene and DiAnn. My current favourite show is Justified on showcase. My favourite show is Blue Bloods.. Tom Selleck has always has a special part in my dream world.. Their stories and cases are intriging and always have some sort of twist. Hey Di! Thanks for sharing your favorite show!

Hmmmm… I have grown to quite enjoy the shows already mentioned — Blue Bloods and Castle. And I think Diane nails it when she talks about the closing appeal of Blue Bloods and Castle is entertaining with action, the love intrigue and always some sort of laughs. PS — I tend to be drawn into books the same way that my husband is drawn into a show and so am particularly excited about these books!

Thanks for sharing. Hi Michelle! Thanks for stopping by and taking part in our fun contest! I appreciate you sharing. My favorite show was ER. I loved the ER hospital setting and the relationship building that was there. I could have been a nurse as the people skills required for hairdressing could be used in a compassionate way for nursing. I enjoy doing all my clients but especially the nurses!

I remember that being your fave and you have all the seasons, right? I would have to say my past fave is Alias. Love Sidney Bristow. My current fave is Castle! Love you Sissy! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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